Prevent Payment Fraud in your Business Today!
Never fall victim to Beneficiary Fraud, Payment Fraud or incorrect Bank Detail Traps.
Payment System Features
  • Each Beneficiary Loaded is validated to check if the bank account number exists. 
  • Each Beneficiary is then Verified by checking if the ID number matches the bank account, Is the bank account open and can it accept payments or debits.
  • No Beneficiary will be approved if it failed Validation or Verification protecting you against payment fraud.
  • ​Every time a Beneficiary is edited the verification process is repeated to prevent changing of existing beneficiary data.
  • ​​Only Nominated Trusted users can Authorize Beneficiary Changes and Payments with our unique two way OTP to verify the logged on user.
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If you have your own business and would like to increase your payment security levels to your suppliers and beneficiaries, complete the form and start on the journey that will propel your business into a new era. Our System does not only debit order collections but third party payment solutions with beneficiary validation and verification services.
Your own Corporate Collect Account will allow you access to a service that has always been exclusively for the big companies. With Corporate Collect any entity can get debit order facilities and Real Time Payment Services with Validation and Verification services, no matter how few or how many debit orders or transactions you want to process per month.
Businesses, schools, churches, clubs, charities ... any entity that needs to secure a reliable
cyclic collection of funds or needs to pay a supplier or beneficiary ...
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