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Corporate Collect welcomes the DebiCheck system

Sep, 27
Corporate Collect welcomes DebiCheck

Corporate Collect is happy to announce that it will be implementing the new DebiCheck system from 1 October 2019. We are looking forward to offering customers this brand-new system that allows for more secure debit order processing.

What is DebiCheck?

DebiCheck is a new debit order payment system that requires customers to pre-approve debit orders.

Let’s say you have a gym membership and a monthly membership fee is deducted from your bank account via a debit order. You will receive a once-off SMS asking if you agree to this debit order or not. If you agree, then the debit order will take place automatically.

However, if you wish to stop the debit order, a due process has to be followed. This is where DebiCheck is most beneficial to merchants, like a gym. Customers cannot simply stop authorized payments, the agreed upon notice has to be given.

Then there is also the 7-day tracking feature. The system will detect if you have insufficient funds in your account for a debit order to be deducted. Moreover, the system will track your account for seven days so that when you have a sufficient balance for the debit order, your account will be debited automatically and the merchant will get what s/he is owed. This ensures more security for merchants whilst at the same time, protecting customers from fraudulent debit orders.

Check out Corporate Collect’s blog “DebiCheck gives control of debit orders back to clients”.

Corporate Collect welcomes innovative system

Corporate Collect will be expanding its services to allow businesses the convenience of running debit orders through the innovative DebiCheck system. Corporate Collect’s software allows debit orders to be processed directly through Nedbank and ABSA with their Systems Operator White Label Solution.

Register today on www.corporatecollect.co.za/dto-registration/ and start processing debits through our Third Party Payment Processing software for as low as R3.15c per debit order.

Giving customers the best service

The South African Reserve Bank will be implementing DebiCheck from 1 October and Corporate Collect will follow suite. It is ideal for both customers and merchants. Customers will now have full control over who debits them whilst merchants have more security and the ability to track client accounts for up to 7 days to ensure successful collections.

It is the ideal solution to eradicate the infamous R99 debit order scam that has been going around. Customers have to give permission for any debit order to be deducted and thus eliminating fraudulent R99 debit orders, unlawfully being deducted from their accounts.

DebiCheck is a registered PASA product. Click here to visit the DebiCheck website.

For more information, contact Jacques Serfontein on 082 556 3705.

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