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Debit Order Management | Corporate Collect

Jul, 01
debit order management

In this day and age of digital and electronic communications we are bombarded with thousands of new inventions and new ways of doing business. Debit Order collections is a very old instrument in the South African Banking environment and has been in use in one or other form for more that 50 years.

Kianga Trading (PTY) Ltd is active in the debit order collection industry since 2002. During late 2012 we became aware of a need for a more transparent processing interface and Corporate Collect was born.

Today Corporate Collect is well known and respected in the industry as one of the most transparent debit order processing facilities in the market. In fact, the Corporate Collect facility is no longer merely a debit order processing facility, it is a DEBIT ORDER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Naturally the question will now be … why do we say it is a Management System and not a Processing Facility ?

  • You have full and flexible control over when the debit order must run
  • You have full and transparent insight into the process path
  • You can determine the number of runs and only load once
  • You can process debit orders against an outstanding balance and we track the balance
  • You can contact your client per email and he can personally initiate the debit order
  • You can market products with an installment plan debit order
  • You are constantly updated on any changes in a debit order’s status
  • You do not pay an upfront security deposit
  • You do not have to manage refunds when required
  • You are protected against costly failures due to bad bank details

All of these features are available through our user friendly UI.

Corporate Collect is a marketing brand of Kianga Trading (PTY) Ltd and we do Debit Order Processing and Collection in South Africa.

Kianga Trading is duly registered with PASA and PSSF.