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Small business owners can benefit from an automated debit order service

Jan, 21
How an automated debit order service can help small business owners

Small business owners are expected to fill many roles ranging from bookings agent, marketing, accountant and service provider. Let Corporate Collect take some of the weight off your shoulders with its state-of-the-art automated debit order system.

What is an automated debit order system?

An automated debit order system allows for the automatic deduction of debit orders from a client’s bank account. It gives you full control over debtors’ payments whilst saving time and money.

Corporate Collect is a South African debit order company that specializes in automatic debit order processing. The system manages all your debit orders and gives you instant access to information regarding clients, payments and reports. Arrange the debit collection dates whether they are once-off collections or recurring collections. Besides the money will be available immediately after your batch has cleared.

How to utilize an automated debit order system?

The Corporate Collect automated debit order system is ideal for small business owners who are expected to play many roles in their businesses. A small business that specializes in pool maintenance, is the perfect example. In most cases, the owner has to do the work himself. He does not work from an office as he is servicing clients’ swimming pools most of the time. He will take calls during the day and book appointments. Only after hours will he get around to doing admin like issuing invoices and following up on payments. The same applies to a gardening service business owner. Since they have to fulfill so many roles in their businesses, time is precious.

Imagine how much time these business owners could save if they had an automated debit order system? The system would give them more time to focus on their businesses and family since it will take care of collecting payments.

Corporate Collect is the obvious choice

With Corporate Collect’s automated debit order system, small business owners will have more time. We will take care of debit orders so that outstanding payments are automatically collected. As the business owner, you will be notified once a debit order has gone through or failed. Thus it will allow you to keep track of cash flow at all times. Debit order dates are automatically adjusted to avoid weekends and non-banking dates.

Give yourself a break and let Corporate Collect take care of your payment. For more info, visit the website www.corporatecollect.co.za or contact Jacques Serfontein at jacques@corporatecollect.co.za.



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