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Why use us for debit order processing | Corporate Collect

Aug, 05
debit order disputes

If you own a business and needs debit order processing facilities to broaden your money collection options, then Corporate Collect should be high on your list of possible Third Party Payment Processors.

Corporate Collect

You will obviously ask … WHY ?

Well that is easy to answer. Corporate Collect is renowned for the strict vetting process that we implement in order to protect the National Payment System. We work closely with all the regulators to minimize fraud and that gives our clients the peace of mind that they are processing through a reputable processor.

We also have industry leading facilities for your clients to protect themselves against debit order fraud and if it should happen then your clients have access to a very efficient Dispute Handling process. They can lodge a dispute by simply sending a correctly formatted SMS to our Support Group.

Apart from having one of the most transparent processing facilities, your business will gain access to unique debit order collection facilities. Your clients can implement debit orders online, this is a powerful facility if you are collecting funds on ARREARS.

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Corporate Collect is a marketing brand of Kianga Trading (PTY) Ltd and we do Debit Order Processing and Collection in South Africa.

Kianga Trading is duly registered with PASA and PSSF.